Monday, July 14, 2008


Recently all 3 of us visited Canada to renew our US visas. But it appeared that we had to wait for our visas for some time. So a 3 weeks trip turned into a 2 months wait. The problem was it was not told 'wait two months', it was told 'you should wait... for how long? we have no idea.'

So i found myself slowly falling into depression because of this virtually infinite wait. And decided to do something. Anything. Why not a doll.

Who cares you don't have your tools, materials, paints... And the only thing you took with you is a cross-stitch kit.

I went to Michaels and bought a pack of paperclay, a brush. And... nothing else.

Then took my son's old T-shirt, manicure scissors... And started creating.

Now Nadia is ready: paperclay head, arms and legs, moving joints, cloth embroidered body.

The body is dyed with tea. Face is painted with tea. Hair is from embroidery strand from that cross-stitch kit.

Her name in russian means 'hope'.

So here is she. A child of exile. A cure for the depression. A hope to get home.